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Tiny Dress Up
Aww, that is really cute! Don't you just love the kitty costume?

My Story is Makeover Recommended
Create your own dress-up diary with daily fashion challenges. Very nice!

Sky Breeze Bikini Team Recommended
Pick the right bikini to wear at the beach for Sky Breeze and her two friends.

Holly Hobbie Games Recommended
Be a fashion designer for Holly Hobbie! Also make an electronic friendship bracelet and other games..

Faery Dress-Up Game Recommended
Dress the fairy girl and choose her hairstyle, skin color and expression.

Dress Up Contest
Various flash dress up games. You can save your doll and post it to your website.

Dress me up Yuina
Yuina is a cute little chibi with lots of cute little clothes. Right click and zoom to make the game bigger.

Pixel Dressup Doll Game Recommended
Excellent game, full of tiny details and options!

DreamLife Best Friend Makeover
Small demo from the DreamLife video game.

Surfing the Net with Kids Dress up Games
A collections of games, including Barbie and Beauty and the Beast's Belle.

Lady K Dress up
A really nice dress up game with a cheerful model.

Dig around in her closet for some goodies.

Beacon Street Girls Fashion Frenzy Recommended
You can create your own clothing line by choosing types of clothes and (lots of) fabrics.

dress-up EMO girl
Dress the emo girl in her (mostly) black and red wardrobe.

Sparkly Dress Up
The wardrobe is a bit small, but very sweet and very sparkly!

Beacon Street Girls Friendship Bracelet
Create a friendship bracelet and send a message to a friend!

RoiWorld Recommended
This well known Korean website has too many dress-up games to count! Click picture to load game.

Diva Starz : Fashion Emergency Recommended
With nothing to wear, help Diva Starz shop for new clothes. Click and release mouse to move the clothes.

A rather small game but so adorable!

Fashion Flash Bunny
A very fashionable bunny indeed.

Genevieve's Closet
Help cute and cat-like Genevieve pick out clothes from her wardrobe.

Female v.2 Dressup
A nice, large dress up game with backgrounds and animated bits. You may find the older version easier to play with.

tutti cuti dress up game Recommended
Isn't she a cutie?

Gabi Fashion & Design Recommended
The demo version is good but the full version (if you register) is excellent!

Sharp Shopper
With a budget of $500, choose items from 5 stores.

Character Dress Up Game Recommended
Dress up a girl or a boy, excellent dress up game with lots of nice features.

The Gamesland
Cute dress-up games, dollhouses, room makers and makeover games.

Rose's Room Dress-Up Game
Scroll through her closet and pick what you like.

LUVGALZ Recommended
Find under "dressing room". A fun game, attractive layout and music playing.

Sandra Games
Click on the "Games archive" to find the dress up games. Now with a new summer dresses game.

Miss O & Friends
Be a fashion stylist to Miss O & Friends, plenty of clothes and accessories. Also a jewelry designer.

Doll Wizard Recommended
Four dolls (regular and anime style boy and girl) with plenty of features!

A Kid's Heart Online Paper Dolls Recommended
Lovely dress up games in many categories.

Chic Maker Dolls
Collection of flash dress up games.

Fun Park Dressups
A flash game site with a large category of dress up games.

ELLEgirl Sun Styler
Pick one of three girls to model this summer's trendiest beachwear.

Tonwley Create Your Look
Pick and choose different parts and create your own look.

Yahoo Korean Games for Girls Recommended
A very large collection of dress up games, make-up games and house and scene makers.

Jr Naver Flash Dolls Recommended
Tons of dress up games. In Korean, but easy to follow.

Dudette's Career Image Game Recommended
Pick a career with Dudette!

Flash Dolls Internet Explorer
Lots of dress up games. In Korean, but easy to follow.

Kylie's Katwalk Required registration
Dress Kylie with clothes from four collections.

Spleak Soccer Paperdoll
Dress Spleak for the 2006 World Cup. Put her in you team's uniform or mix & match to create a new one.

I-amour Wedding Games are now in formal dress up games.

Dudette's Fashion Extravaganza Recommended
Click on the tops, bottoms etc. to go through her whole range of fashion.

Olivia's Wardrobe
Olivia's been swimming and needs to get dressed. Can you help?

Dudette's Dress Up Swimsuit Game
Help Dudette decide what swimsuit and accessories to wear at the beach!

Design Your Own Pop Princess Recommended
Design, dress and color the cute little pop princess!

Dress Up Place
Dress the girls in trendy clothes and hairdos to match.

London's Suite Styler Recommended
First create a look that is closest to the real you, then answer a quiz to find out what your style is. (I'm a Savvy School Girl).

Figure Skating Paperdoll Internet Explorer
Not many clothes but there's something very sweet about her. Another figure skating doll here.

Funky Friends Dressing Up Recommended
Choose which Funky Friends character you like best and dress her up! Lots of colors to paint the clothes.

Adriana Doll Maker Recommended
Excellent game, lots of options. Is it just me or does she look a bit like Jennifer Lopez?

Mix and & Match Petra Recommended
Petra's favorite colors are red, black and white. Mix & match her wardrobe to create new looks!

I-Dressup Girls Recommended
Very pretty games with good looking graphics and nice animated backgrounds.

Groovy Girls are now in simulation games.

Make It, Skate It Winter Fashions Recommended
Direct a winter fashion show with Kiki. Also Fall Fashions and Summer Fashions.

The Perfect House Game
In Korean but pretty easy to follow, just click somewhere on the house to find it.

Bionka Bunny Recommended
Be the cutest bunny girl you can be!

Fashion Designer
Not your typical dress-up game but you get to be play fashion designer and pick patterns for different clothes.

Sky Breeze Games Recommended
Many really good dress-up games - this one is not to be missed!

Head 2 Toe Makeover Game Recommended
A fun, lighthearted makeover game with several models for you to transform.

Swan Lake Ballet Dress-up! Recommended
Dress Odette from the famous Swan Lake Ballet, a dream role for many aspiring ballerinas.

Paper Doll Psychology Recommended
Lots and lots of style selection and make-over games.

Spleak Paperdoll
Help her get ready for a big date.

Athemes Dress Up Game
Dress cute Athemes and pick her hairstyle.

Best Friends Dress Up Game
Dress up best friends Sophie and Kisha.

Dress Kyuko
A very cute doll with lots of colorful clothes.

Aja, Roxy, Bianka and Zita
You'll have to scroll a lot to dress the dolls but it's well worth it - very cute!

Kisekae Club
Click on "Flash". Games by Dawn Hall.

Smackers : Dress Me Up Recommended
Pick on of three models and dress her in colorful, fun clothes.

Zodiac Girlz
Two fun dress-up related games, a Cosmic Design Station and a Style Fashion Game.

Fashion Girls Dressup Games
Four very lovely dress-up games.

Primp My Prom has been moved to prom dress up games.

Paper Dolls by Charlie Recommended
Three gorgeous games, in french but easy to play.

Paige's Cut Out Fashion Recommended
Try out different outfits for Paige while listening to the fun music.

Atomic Babes Beauty Salon Recommended
Give Go-Girl a radical makeover from head to toe in the Atomic Babes Beauty Salon!

Fashion Cook
Dress the cook in her colorful outfits and don't forget the delicious looking desserts.

Dress Your Doll
Pick the doll you want and pick the right clothes for her.

Ming Dress Room
She may have a sour look on her face but her wardrobe is all cuteness.

Sky Breeze - Back to School
Dress Sky Breeze and best friend Kitana for school.

Smackers Cyberdolls
Three dolls, three styles: doll, preppy and boyz. Shopping Spree Recommended
A fun shopping game with Barbie and friends. Now also a "my bling bling" version with sparkly fashions

Recommended = recommended websites.
Internet Explorer = only works in Internet Explorer.
Requires registration = requires registration

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