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Fun game with lots of pieces and a distinct Naruto style!

Pixel Sailor Moon
Dress the tiny, cute Sailor Moon.

Dress up Emeraude Recommended
A really pretty dress-up featuring princess Emeraude from "Magic Knight Rayearth".

Dress Ed
Dress Ed from the Full metal Alchemist (Hagaren) manga. Find under "Flash".

DressUp Macy Recommended

Very nice dress-up with a cute wardrobe. Not an anime character, but with an anime feeling!

Clow Legacy Dress-up Sakuka
Dress up cute Cardcaptor Sakura.

Several dress-up games with anime themes.

Ragnarok Doll Maker
A dollmaker with characters from the Ragnarok series. Doll can be used as an avatar or on your web site.

Dress the duelist
Dress Alexis Rhodes, the fighter girl from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.

Dress Up Inuyasha Internet Explorer
Very small game, drag and drop different clothes on Inuyasha.

Dress Up Sakura Haruno
Dress pink-haired Sakura from Naruto. You'll either love or hate the blazing background tune!

Dress Sakura
Only six outfits but who can resist cute Cardcaptor Sakura?

Ninja Dress-up Games Internet Explorer
Get the male and female ninjas ready for action.

Deidara Dress Up
Dress popular Naruto bad guy Deidara.

Naruto Girls Dress up
Dress the girls from the "Naruto" manga and anime series.

Naruto Dress Up Recommended
Dress Hinata, Temari and Sakura from the "Naruto". Has links to other Naruto dress up games.

Otaku Online Paper Doll
Dress the anime fan, dolls with anime and manga based costumes.

Ham-ham Kingdom - Dress Up
Two Ham-ham dress-up games. Find under Ham-fun

Yasmin Sailor Moon Dressup Recommended
Lots of items to design a uniform for Sailor Moon.

Chibiusa Internet Explorer
Dress the cute little chibi from Sailor Moon - ChibiUsa.

Sakura Drag and Drop Doll
Dress Cardcaptor Sakura for - small game.

Xelloss Internet Explorer
A small game featuring Xelloss from the Slayers anime.

eLouai Anime Mahou Maker Recommended
Not many choices but the graphics are awfully pretty.

Anime Costume Party Recommended
A very cute anime style dress-up from

Chibi Ningyo's Anime Dollmaker
Click through the menu to dress the anime style doll.

Dress Up Baby Serena Internet Explorer
From Sailor Moon.

Chibi Doll 1.0 Internet Explorer
Dress Chibichibi from the Sailor Moon series.

Recommended = recommended websites.
Internet Explorer = only works in Internet Explorer.
Requires registration = requires registration.

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link go to i relly like it!!