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todlers & babies

Baby Skyler
Dress the cute baby girl Skyler or the baby boy Braden.

Difrax Dress the doll
Dress the cherrful little girl. A small but nice game.

4Kids2 PlayPaper Dolls
A boy or a girl, you can change their skin color. Click on the picture of the snail to find the games.

Zyia Paper Dolls Internet Explorer
A small but very charming online paperdoll.

Be Safe in the Sun
Dress Molly for a sunny day in the park.

Baby2Go Baby Dress-up Recommended
A huge selection of outfits, from pajamas to formal wear, to dress the babies.

DollzBliss Babies
Build a fun playground and a family with a baby.

Dollhouse Nursery
Decorate a perfect nursery for the waving, happy looking baby.

Playground Maker
Build a fun playground to play in. With trees and flowers to make it extra pretty.

Dress the Baby
Pick clothes from the small but colorful wardrobe. Click the earth to change skin color.

Dress Caillou
Pick the correct outfit for the weather so Caillou can go out to play.

Mini Recommended
Make a kindergarten with toys, rooms and plenty of cute little kids.

Always Unique's Paper Dolls
A dress-up game with an old fashioned paper doll look.

Baby Dress Up Recommended
... in cute animal costumes.

Huggies Virtual Room Creator
Create a floor plan for a perfect baby's room or decorate a ready-made room.

Baby Grace Dress-up
Go to the Morgan house, click on Baby Grace and then her white shirt.

Princess Dress-up Games Recommended
Dress Princess and Henry for different occasions.

Babies Room Internet Explorer
Build a sweet bedroom for the adorable babies.

Recommended = recommended websites.
Internet Explorer = only works in Internet Explorer.
Requires registration = requires registration.

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