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Rock The Runway Recommended
Design your own fashion show with this season's hottest trends inspired by New York Fashion Week!

O'Neill Wetsuit Builder
Customize and individualize your own wetsuit.

Tommy Kids Fashion Friends
Dress the girl or guy in Tommy Kids fashion.

I-Dressup Recommended
Fashion games in many brand names and styles. Frequently update and a really good website!

My Virtual Model Recommended
Build a virtual model that looks like you and try on clothes from Sears, Lands' End, H&M, Speedo, and Adidas. Now you can publish your model to your blog or website!

Claire's getting ready
Click around the room to find all kinds of cool stuff for Claire to wear.

Dress Erin Recommended
Erin is a real live teacher from Virginia, choose clothes for her to wear!

Frumpy to Foxy Recommended
... in 15 minutes flat!

Vera Wang Princess Beauty Recommended
Choose what kind of party to go to, who to bring and what to wear. Fun!

Republic Fashionista
Go to the "Fitting room" and try on Republic clothes.

BP Nordstrom Closet
Mix and match BP styles to create your own look. Find it under Fashion.

Runway Bunny Recommended
Look at her slide down the runway!

Fashion Show Dress Up Game Recommended
Pick your model and dress her up for the runway. Is she in or out? Piles of clothes to choose from.

Ardene Play Dress Up Recommended
Two dolls, lots of clothes.

H&M Dressing Room Recommended Registration required
Create your own personal model and try out the 2006 Spring line.

Reebok Sweets Fashion Show Recommended
Design the perfect sweet look for the model.

Levi's Lady Style Recommended
Shop for a new outfit and be sure to pick the right one or you won't get into the new club! Registration required
Dress a girl or a boy in Diesel clothes and accessories.

Townley Create Your Own Look Recommended
... or create someone else, maybe?

Recommended = recommended websites.
Internet Explorer = only works in Internet Explorer.
Requires registration = requires registaion

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