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Build your own Suri
Build you own version of Tom and Katie's baby girl. A bit silly, but in a good way.

Britney Spears from Stardoll Recommended
Dress Britney Spears for a music video or just to go out shopping!

Ciara from Stardoll Recommended
Pick lipstick and haircolor for Ciara and dress her in various Goodies.

I-Dressup Celebrity Fashion Recommended
Give top celebrities fashion makeovers. Dress Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson and many more.

I-Dressup Celebrity Makeovers Recommended
Give Angeline Jolie, Lindsay Lohan and Beyonce and many more celebrities a makeover.

The Virtual Elvis Recommended
When you're done dressing him, don't forget to pick a pearl of wisdom!

Lindsay Lohan Doll
Dress the green eyed redhead.

Seth and Anna Dressup Game
Dress this famous duo from The OC. A bit silly actually...

Leonardo DiCaprio Dress Game
Pick correct outfits for a premiere, a city scene or the beach.

Orlando Bloom Paper doll
Dress Orlando Bloom in his Lord of the Rings outfit and many more.

Madonna Fashion Doll Recommended
Fashion icon Madonna has tried plenty of styles over the years, which is your favorite?

Celebrity Clone-O-Matic
Use DNA samples from several famous people and when you're finished you can mix more celebrity genes here. But beware of the results!

Celebrity Defacer
Pick your favorite (or not) celebrity and scribble on his or her face.

BBC Dface
Smear the faces of Ashley Olsen, Jennifer Garner, Beyonce and more.

Stardoll Recommended
Dress up all of your favorite celebrities, including Keira Knightley, Charlize Theron, Gwen Stefani and Alicia Keys. Excellent games and so many!

Doctor Warp
Warp your favorite celeb!

Dress the Dolls Recommended
A collection of paper dolls by Donald Hendricks featuring many well known people like Princess Diana, Ricky Martin and Grace Kelly. Also literary and historical figures.

BBC Pop Dummy
Ever wanted to dress up pop singers Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake and other celebrities? Java Applet
Play with the faces of your favorite celebrities.

You Wear it Well Recommended
Help dress our model for the awards show in clothing worn by rock stars, like Björk's swan dress to Britney's tiny tank top!

Paper Doll Madonna Recommended
A Madonna doll maker with plenty of options, including generating a paper doll cutout.

Michael Dragson

Mr. Jacko Head
Pull Michael Jackson together...

Dress McFly
Dress McFly band members. Find under "Fun".

Leonardo DiCaprio Beach Game
Here far from the Hollywood glamour life!

Connie Francis Online Paper Doll
Beautiful gowns from the 60's.

Shirley Temple Virtual Paperdoll
Choose an outfit for little Shirley to wear.

Dress Bill
Here Bill Gates has taken over David's body (as sculpted by Michelangelo).

Dress Michael Jordan
Change his looks with hats, glasses and other fun stuff.

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