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dress-up EMO boy
Dress him up emo style!

Dress Ron S
A small but cute flash game.

I-Dressup Gents and Dudes
Pick your Prince Charming and dress him up!

Chaps 'n Hats
Dress Dusty, a real old fashion cowboy.

Guys Dressup Dollmaker Recommended
Dress your guy in trendy streetwear or superhero costumes.

Give it Some Welly!
Frank the Farmer needs to go round up his sheep - can you kit him out in his winter clothes?

Model Brother Recommended
Have you ever wanted to dress your little brother in outrageous costumes?

Benji Dressup Recommended
Very nice game, has animated wings and accessoris.

Cowboys and Indians
Poor little guy can't decide if he wants to be a cowboy or an Indian.

Dress the Tude Dude
Dress this feisty looking fella in various costumes.

Dress the Tude Dude 2
Another Tude Dude game with even more outfits.

Create A Date
Need a prom date? Why not creatge your own?

Jack Rabbit Recommended
Dress and style Jack, Bionka's boyfriend.

SingStar Build a Bodyguard
Every superstar needs one of those! Find under "SingStar Fun".

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link go to i relly like it!!