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Face Maker
Make it pretty or weird, a human or an alien!

Elouai Smiley Creator
Choose different parts to make a perfect smiley.

The Perception Laboratory's Face Transformer
This one is certainly different! Upload a picture and transform yourself into a painting, an apeman, a manga cartoon etc.

Create Your Own Yearbook Picture
I could not upload my own picture but it is still a funny game! From the movie "Just Friends".

Face It Recommended
Want to feel like Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon?

Smiley Helper Internet Explorer

Small but nice (and wintery) smiley builder!

Bill Bailey Beards
Hmm, I think my favorite is the canine...

Rosie and Luigi
Their faces are falling apart - can you put them together? (Two games).

Hair Booster
Upload your own photo to try 80's style big hair.

Making Faces Mix & Match
You can try to match them up or mix to create a silly character.

Bad teeth
Ouch, they really are bad! You can also upload your own photo for a not so pretty make-over.

Tweenies - Big Hair Game
Wigs, moustaches and beards.

Build a Face
A small face building game, the best parts are the animated eyeys.

Hairstyle Runner Recommended
I'm easily amused. Who knew?

Ultimate Flash Face Recommended
Very realistic black and white face creator with tons of options. I spent far more time playing with this one then I intended!

Funky Face Maker
Our friend is looking a little blank - why not give him a freaky face?

Avatar Star Sue
Are you a good hairdresser? Here's your change to find out!

Special Agent Undercover
Create a good disguise for the cartoon FBI agent.

DollzBliss Facemakers
Make portraits, smileys and windows with people looking out of them.

Riley Secret Agent
Why the sad face? He probably needs your help to disguise for his next mission.

Mr Hairy Face
Hairstyles, beards or bushy eyebrows! Not a lot of options but he is just so endearing.

Wacky Faces Recommended
Eeeek! I hope their faces won't stay like this.

Caricature Generator
Make a male or female caricature with parts from a drop-down menu.

Funny Face
Click 'n change for a funny face.

DigiBody's Avatar Maker Recommended
Create your own caricature avatar.

Tude Dude's Wig Game
Choose wigs with attitude for the Tude Dude.

Dudette's Wigs
Pick a wig and she'll comment on it or sing a song!

Dudette's Make up
Do her make-up and choose the right jewelry.

Rotating Faces
Mix and match differents parts to study their facial expressions.

Happy Face Toy
Use your keyboard to change the face. Weird!

Block Head Iconizer Recommended
A "reasonable clever widget" to build icons for live journal etc.

P11 Facelift Recommended
Try and fail to make a pretty face.

Face Factory Ecard
Make a weird (or cute) face and send it to a friend. Find under "Post office"

The Face Maker Recommended
Looks like a police sketch artist tool. Nice!

Henry's Face Game
How many moods can Henry go through?

Portrait Illustration Maker
Takes some time, but lots of options.

My Little Smileys
Choose from various emoticon smiley parts to create your own. Can be used as avatars.

FunComm Face Maker JavaApplet Recommended
Cute! You can send the face you make, or get the code for your website.

Morphases Editor Recommended
Create and modify human faces - endless possibilities.

Dress Up Dot JavaApplet
Decorate Dot, the friendly smiley face.

Recommended = recommended websites.
Internet Explorer = only works in Internet Explorer.
Requires registration = requires registration.

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