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Whuddle World Requires registration Recommended
Whuddles are cheerful creatures who love to eat, play games and chat with friends. This very kid frienly site now has lots of new features like new shops, flea markets and more.

Kupika Requires registration
A pen pal community where you can create your own character to represent you.

Mokitown : home of the Mobile Kids Requires registration
A City for kids. Chat, meet friends, play a tons of games and have fun!

Dragon Fable Requires registration
Build your character and battle monsters, find treasure, and much more.

Girl Stuff/Boy Stuff
Create an avatar, edit your bedroom, and hang out in the GSBS world.

CokeStudios Requires registration
Meet friends, make music, perform.

Show Jumping
Choose a color for the horse and clothes for the jockey, then start your training!

Student Survivor Recommended
Two games where your goal is to create a student and keep him or her alive and happy!

AWOLnow Requires registration
A chat world where you can dress up or avatar and hang out. 45 day free trial.

PowerBabe Requires registration
Click on the UK flag to access PowerBabe in English. Also available for Scandinavian and Dutch users here.

Spider Riders
Create your fighter (boy or girl) and go fight evil!

The N Requires registration
Avatar mall, high-school, prom and more.

RuneScape Requires registration
3d multiplayer adventure, with monsters to kill, quests to complete, and treasure to win.

Stardoll MeDoll Requires registration Recommended
Create your own MeDoll (to look like you or someone else), go shopping for clothes and accessories and meet friends.

Big Fat Awesome House Party
Build an imaginary friend and earn points by doing chores around the house. More points means more games to play. Requires registration
Create a Virt, a virtual sidekick who is energized when you play sports and games.

Big Mouth Life Requires registration Recommended
Grow a Big Mouth, customize, care and play with it. Earn points by taking good care of your Big Mouth and buy stuff for it.

Habbo Hotel Requires registration PG-13
A virtual hotel where you can hang out in the cafes, restaurants, swimming pools and games rooms.Or create private rooms and your own party. Also Canadian and UK versions.

goSupermodel Requires registration Recommended Java Applet
Design your own supermodel look, go on photo shoots and score points for jobs well done.

Doll War Requires registration
Create a doll, go shopping for clothes and have fashion battles with other dolls to determine who has the better sense of fashion! Requires registration
A virtual city game where you can create your own character and explore Millsberry town through his or her eyes.

Groovy Girls Requires registration
Dress her up, decorate her room and chat with friends.

Club Penguin Requires registration
A kid-friendly virtual world where you, as a penguin, can waddle around and interact with other players. The game is free, but the dress-up feature is only for paid members. Requires registration
Make your your Troll, then go spend your trollars at the mall.

Tibia Requires registration
Be an adventurer in a a huge realm of magic and mystery and make friends with people from all over the world.

Zanpo Virtual Cities Requires registration
3d multiplayer virtual cities where you can explore, become a citizen, build your own home, and even become mayor of your own city.

Urbaniacs Requires registration
Create and control superheroes who live in Urbanville.

Marian's World
Customize your character, run, drive, dance or chat with the others.

Whyville Requires registration
A virtual town for boys and girls to explore, learn, create, and have fun.

Dubit Requires registration
For UK youth with realtime 3D chat, blogs, message boards, games, and more.

Playdo Requires registration
Create your own citizen, play games and meet friends.

Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom Requires registration
An online verision of Disney Theme Parks. Multiplayer games, chat and more!

Gaia Online Requires registration
Anime roleplaying communtity. Dress up your own avatar, chat, roleplay and earn gold through games with other players in an interactive world.

Faketown Requires registration PG-13
Online chat game allowing users to interact with one another and buy virtual houses and virtual credits.

Recommended = recommended websites.
Internet Explorer = only works in Internet Explorer.
Requires registration = requires registration.

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