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Fawn-tastic dress up!
As far as I can tell, she's a character in a comic strip published on the web.

Ammotu Doll Recommended
Dress the male, female or super-hero doll!

Xtreme Wrestler Creator
What kind of wrestler would you be? What weapon would you use and what would you wear!

Mow-tor Mail
Build a NASCAR fan and have him or her talk about anything you want!

dress me smart
Hmmmm, computer clothes? Fitting for the digital age.

Let's play consultant! Recommended

Dress the consultants, don't forget the BMW car keys and a cell phone.

Battie Page
Weird winged pin-up girl has a few outfit you can dress her in.

Create Creature Recommended Internet Explorer
A virtual world where you create the inhabitants.

Dress A Student
Dress stereotypes found at your avarage university.

The Fashion Challenge
What is the proper business attire nowadays?

Hero Machine Recommended
Build your very own hero or fantasy figure. Version 2 now available.

Attention Deficit Girl Dress Up Game Recommended
Dress Cat Lady, Attention Deficit Girl or Runaway Woman in various different outfits.

SnowBuni in Closet Chaos Recommended
Poor Snowbuni is trapped in her closet and the new security program won't let her out unless she's wearing the right outfit!

SnowBuni Doll
An older (but still good) SnowBuni game.

Create a Pop Group Recommended
Pick their clothes as well as race, religion, age and more.

Get Your Kit On Recommended
Get ready for the sport of your choosing - hurry up, Lennox Lewis is timing you!

Jon and Jerry's Ugger Rugger
Build and dress your own ugly rugby player!

Your Face or Mine?
A Channel 4 show. Create a mate or Create a Celebrity.

Dress Derek or Clothe Betty
Dress girly Betty or corporate Derek to fit the company dress code.

Design-a-Dress is now listed under wedding dress up games.

Francy's Fancy
The gang's going to a dress party, but the only garments left in Francy's Fancy Dress store are a tad inappropriate.

Dame Darcy's Paper Doll fun
Characters from Meat Cake, an old-fashioned style comic book by Dame Darcy.

Dress Up Diane
A character from the online comic RPG World.

Zortic and Zoie Paper Dolls
Dress two creatures from a science fiction comedic adventure comic strip.

Dress for the Elements
Dress a local Juneau mountain man - but don't let him get too cold or too hot.

Makeover Game
A dress-up makeover game from a never released movie...

Dress Up Hacker
You can choose from work clothes, casual clothes and dressy, but she'll always be nerdy.

Dress the pimp is now in funny dress up games.

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Requires registration = requires registration.

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