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Real People

Dennis Oh
Play dress-up with Korean actor/model Dennis Oh.

Dress Up Joanna
A small game, other versions available.

Allen Iverson Dress Up
Dress Denver Nuggets basketball player Allen Iverson.

Dress Me Up
Dress up flash designer Mark Clarkson.

Dress Up Jason
Dress Jason Deeble, author of 2008 children's book "Sir Ryan's Quest".

Dress Butch!
Dress "The Fairly OddParents" and "Danny Phantom" creator Butch Hartman in what is probably not his daily wardrobe!

Christa Bauch Dress Me Up
With more muscles than Arnold Schwarzenegger here's German bodybuilder Christa.

Steve Jobs Dress-up Game Recommended
Help Steve pick a new outfit for his keynote.

Dress the Seth
Dress comic book artist Seth Fisher

The Living Flans Doll
Dress Flans, John Flansburgh, the guitarist for "They Might Be Giants".

Syn V dress up page
Lead singer from the band X Sister X.

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