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Pick parts and color them to build your own robot.

Zander's Robopets
Make a fun toy pet robot - don't forget to power him up after you're done!

Make a Robot
Choose, color, and resize the different parts to make a robot.

soda constructor Recommended
A model you can play with and add new bits. Really good!

Mechanix Recommended
Choose your parts and build a fierce looking robot. Can be used as an avatar.

Robot Factory Recommended
Excellent! Lots of options.

Dumonde's Gadget Maker
It's not really a robot builder, but I made a robot dog on wheels!

Gear the bot to go skiing or snow boarding. Find under "The Lab"

Build your own bot and send to your friends.

Build a Robot Recommended
Lots of nice features, you can rotate and scale objects with the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Make-A-Robot Internet Explorer
Make a toy robot.

Robot Maker
Build a shiny robot! There is also a 3D robot maker, but this one is much better.

ALIEN : assembly required Recommended
Build strange looking alien robots using the parts.

Recommended = recommended websites.
Internet Explorer = only works in Internet Explorer.
Requires registration = requires registration.

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link go to i relly like it!!