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Dress and accessorize your furry friends! Updated with more pets.

Barbie Zoom and Groom
Pick the cats, dogs or horses and make them pretty!

DollzBliss Animal Dollmakers
Includes a cute little kitty dress-up and a fish tank creator.

Nanny McPhee Dress the Animals Recommended
Dress one of the barnyard animals in a variety of outrageous costumes.

Dress and decorate different kinds of cats and dogs

Sims 2 Create a Pet
Make a pet dog or cat companion for the Sims!

Dress Akamaru
Dress this friendly dog in cool costumes.

Dress Up Bergamot and Emrys Recommended
Dress the two cute Boston terriers in various costumes.

Zippy Paper Doll Recommended
Zippy is a showcase corgi with plenty of wacky costumes, you can also pet him.

Bratz Petz Corner Recommended
Click on the wardrobe to dress a cute dog or a cat.

Dress the Kitty
Doll up the cute kitty!

Career Dog Grande
Which job fits Grande the dog?

Dress Up LuLu
Dress up LuLu the bling bling bichon frise.

Dress Marty Recommended
Dress Marty the dog in french fashion and send your creation to your friends.

Dress Up Poco!
Poco is a friendly Chihuahua who likes to dress up.

Kitty Maker
Accessorize the tiny kittens!

Mr. Poodle Head Internet Explorer
Go ahead and make him look silly - poodles love attention!

Victorian Cats Java Applet Recommended
Here they are at the beach, you can also play dress up with just the boy, just the girl, or at a tea party.

Dress Up Your Pooch Recommended
Adorable doggy fashion game from Animal Planet.

Dress Me!
A few dresses - and she purrs when you pet her.

Dress My Pug!Internet Explorer
Poor Jack is desperate to change his look.

Dress, groom and decorate horses and ponies

Bratz Babyz Ponyz Recommended
Prepare the ponyz for a styling show! Find under Games & activities.

Create a Pony Internet Explorer
Create your perfect pony by dragging the parts on to his body.

My Little Pony! Recommended
Design your own little pony, pick different colors and accessories.

Pony Castle Internet Explorer
Build and dress the colorful ponies.

Cali Girl Horse Adventure
Design and decorate your horse to ride with Barbie and friends.

Magic Mare the Mane Attraction Recommended
Color and decorate the pretty horse!

Pony Play and Girl Gear
Two pony dress-up games.

Kelly Club - Dress Our Ponies
... and ride 'em when you're done!

Birds, cows, bunnies and lots of other animals

Dress Paco the Goat Recommended NEW!
Aww! Dress the cute goat in his little outfits.

Dress Spiderina
Who says spiders can't be cute?

Dress-A-Bessie Recommended
This is a rather stupid looking cow with lots of clothes!

Hamster Costume Party Internet Explorer
Dress the hamster for a costume party.

Dress Up Mixy
A pink bunny from an Australian cartoon for kids.

Carrot Couture Recommended
What an adorable little bunny! And with lots of clothes and extras, including art supplies!

Max & Ruby Dress Up
Dress Max or Ruby, two cute bunnies.

Dress Suzanne
Dress this funny looking bird to go on a date. Scroll down to find.

Choose your parts to make a beast and see how long it can survive in different environments.

Fernblossom Paper Dolls
Foxes with a keen sense of style.

Cooper's Eggstreme Makeover Recommended
Dress Cooper the chicken from his large wardrobe, neatly arranged by season.

Virtual Paper Squirrel
Dress up the poor, cold, naked squirrel!

Stretch's Dress-up Game
This cheerful giraffe has plenty of clothes in his dresser.

Dress up Jippers
Dress the turtle, pirate style.

Make a Pet Recommended
Make a new pet for Princess and Henry.

Dress Maggie Moo Recommended
A cow with a colorful wardrobe and a Va Va Voom attitude!

monkey dress up
Where's his other eye?

Dress A Frog
Drag clothes with your mouse to dress up the froggie.

From the Morning Glory web site, a cute little duck!

Seymour at the Beach
Dress Seymour the seagull for the beach.

Beautiful Sheep Contest
May the best sheep win.

Angelina Ballerina Recommended
Help Angelina fulfill her dream of becoming a ballerina!

Outfitting for Adventure
Dress up Resource Raccoon to match his environment.

A goose, Fluffy and Fido.

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Requires registration = requires registration.

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