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Daira ¡Vestite!
Search the pretty wardrobe full of cute clothes and fantasy fashion.

tutti cuti dress up game Recommended
Isn't she a cutie?

Scene Dress-up Recommended
Lots of pretty clothes and accessories, check out the streaks for her hair in lots of colors!

Dress Kyuko
A very cute doll with lots of colorful clothes.

Pastel Dress Up
A cute, little dress up in calming pastel colors.

Bionka Bunny Recommended
Be the cutest bunny girl you can be!

Blob Dress Up Flash
Dress a blob - now that's cute idea (it really is smile ).

Queen of Dorks Dress-up Doll
Stars, hearts and bunnies, this game is the cutest!

Ming Dress Room
She may have a sour look on her face but her wardrobe is all cuteness.

Dress me up
That's really adorable, especially the dog and teddy bear costumes!

Dress-a-Cupcake Recommended
How cute is this? Very! Don't click on the picture to play, click "Download" to the left of the picture.

Penguin dress up Recommended
Dress the cute penguin couple as Vikings, Pippi Longstocking, Santa or something else!

Potato Dressup Internet Explorer
Aww, who can resist dressing up these darling little baked potatoes.

Super Dress-Up Game Recommended
Should be called Super Cute Dress-Up, because that what it is!

Jenny B. Harris Fun Stuff Recommended
Very, very cute dress-up, room and robot games!

Dress Paco the Goat Recommended
Aww! Dress the cute goat in his little outfits.

Monkey POW!! Recommended
Click on "Dress-Up", very cute graphics.

freaky Dress
A cute little dress up games, another one in the same style here!

Xpress Yourself Recommended
Make a cute and bubbly character with a funny name.

Tiny Dress Up
Aww, that is really cute! Don't you just love the kitty costume?

Dress me up Yuina
Yuina is a cute little chibi with lots of cute little clothes. Right click and zoom to make the game bigger.

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Internet Explorer = only works in Internet Explorer.
Requires registration = requires registration.

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link go to i relly like it!!