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Create a dancing, singing and kissing greeting card with your best friend! Or you worst enemy?

Paris Hilton in jail is now in celebrity dress up games.

Face On
Upload a photo of your face and choose a profession that fits you. Are you a soldier, a surfer or a cop?

Pick My Nose
Literally! Pick a nose and build a strange nose creature.

Dress the Sauce Packet
Dress a Taco Bell sauce packet (mild, hot or fire) with a lot of attitude!

Evil Clown Generator

Well I've known clown are evil ever since I saw "It".

Smack Talk
Upload a photo of your best friend (or your worst enemy) and do your best (or worst)!

Design a Baby
Design your baby to be scary or, well, scarier. Used the the police to identify bad babies!

Librarian Dress Up
Dress the shussing librarian!

Upload a picture of yourself (or a friend) and add some funny bling!

P11 Facelift
Try and fail to make a pretty face.

Dress your chimp of choice and have to say what you want. Hilarious!

Dress Fatty PG
A Beauty Salon Fatty (gross) and Halloween Dress Fatty (even more gross).

3D Face Generator
Answer a set of questions and the generator will build your face. Don't cheat!

Dress the pimp Recommended
A pimp doll - what can I say, this is a good one.

Beat your friend PG
Build your own annoying friend and then ... Ouch! He speaks Turkish with English subtitles.

Torture Your Sister
The bridesmaid dress game - torture her until she screams for mercy.

Artificial Beauty
Make a perfect woman and get graded on how well you do. Press the numbers above the letters on your keyboard, not the ones to the right.

Magic Makeover
Upload a picture of yourself for a quick, extremely helpful makeover.

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Requires registration = requires registration.

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