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General - games related to more than one holiday.
A nice "Click & Change" room maker, decorate the room for Christmas, Halloween or just every day living!

D.W.'s Holiday Dress Up
Get her prepared for all the different holidays.

DollzBliss Holiday Makers
Christmas, Easter and Valentine's dollmakers.

Seasonal Room Maker
Make an elegant holiday theme room with decorations and guests.


Easter Games - Easter Dress up and Decorate Easter Eggs

Dolly Easter Maker Recommended
Build a very cute Easter bunny girl!

Chateau Meddybemps Easter Egg-tivities Recommended
Color and decorate easter eggs. The white egg is for printing but others can be decorated online.

Easter Egg Decorating Studio
Choose a pattern and color the egg and then ...

A Kids Heart Decorate an Easter Egg
Four basic colors and plenty of pretty patterns.

Hop's Egg Factory
Try your hand at coloring virtual eggs.

There is also a page with Easter games only.


Halloween Games - build monsters and carve pumpkins

Click on the mirror to create a monster, there are also a few normal bits in there!

Merpy's Halloween Dressup
Merpy and friends have lot's of costumes to try out for Halloween.

Flash Halloween Doll
Dress the doll in various costumes for Halloween!

Dollzbliss Christmas Decorations
Design cute Christmas decorations.

Halloween Doll Maker Recommended
Beautiful, an just a bit scary, Halloween doll maker.

Mini Haunted House
Build a haunted room with dark decor and scary characters.

Headless Horseman Halloween eCard
Design a scary new head for the headless horseman.

Virtual Halloween Postcard
Why not decorate your pumpkin with a silly face?

Jakc-o'-Lantern Maker Recommended
Cute pumpkin carver with upbeat music playing. Press "Make it glow!" when you're done!

Spooky Creator
A really spooky halloween scene creator with pumpkins and ghouls.

Game Garage Halloween
Carve the pumpkin while listening to the spooky background soundtrack.

Halloween Dolly Recommended
A great looking and fun game with lots of options.

Ben and Jerry's Virtual Pumpkin Patch
Drag the pieces to carve the pumpkin.

Pick a Pumpkin
... and carve it. Cute!

Virtual Halloween Paper Doll
A typical witch outfit!

Carve Your Own Pumpkin Recommended
Pick one of the pumpkins and carve!

Bionka Bunny Halloween Recommended
Bionka Bunny, now in stylish Halloween outfits.

Halloween Dress Up Game
Choose the boy or the girl to dress for Halloween.

Goosebumps Monster Maker
Choose putrid parts and frightening features to conjure up a freaky fiend.

Carve BlackDog's Pumpkin
Have fun making silly faces on BlackDog's pumpki.

Animated Halloween Recommended
Find a Ghostina dress-up game in the "Games Room".

Carve a Pumpkin JavaApplet
Click and drag the shapes onto the pumpkin to create different faces.

I also have a page with Halloween Dress Up Games only, which is posted on the front page about a month before Halloween!


Thanksgiving Games

Thanksgiving Doll Recommended
Dress the doll for Thanksgiving, lots of pretty autumn colors and even a turkey dress!

Make a Silly Turkey
Make the turkey look as silly as you can!

Scarecrow Dress-Up Game Recommended
A fun game with lively music from

Turkey and Dressing
Not the usual turkey dressing...

Turkey Dressing
Turkey Tom needs your help to dress him up


Christmas Games - Decorate Christmas trees and dress Santa

Gingerbred Baby House Internet Explorer
Decorate the gingerbread house with lots of candy.

Dress Santa Recommended
Wake him up and get him ready in time!

Dress Santa for the Elements
Be careful not to dress him too warmly or not warmly enough!

Merry Christmas Girl Recommended
A very merry Christmas make-up and dress-up game!

Make Christmas Dolls
Build a Christmas doll, lots of seasonal outfits and accessories.

Guess the Christmas present
Can you guess what's inside the wrapped gift package?

Yasmin Christmas Dressup Recommended
Build a doll for Christmas, lots of red and white clothes, trees, and gifts.

Decorate Your Flash Christmas Tree
A nice little outdoor scene and a tree to decorate. Also has instructions about how to make your own game!

Holly Hobbie Create-a-Snow Globe
Create a virtual snow globe with Holly Hobbie and friends!

Elle's Christmas
Plenty of fun christmas games - snowman building and tree decorating.

Mini Merry Christmas Maker
Make an outdor Christmas scene in the snow or keep it snug and cozy indoors!

Evil Santa Generator Recommended
Did Santa give you a lump of coal last Christmas? Here's your change to get even!

Alf-Ford's Dressup Gift Game Recommended
Give an elf the gift of clothing - funny and charming!

Boowa and Kwala : Decorate the Christmas Tree
Decorate the tree and get the room ready for Christmas.

Design Your Own Gingerbread House
Choose candy, food and other stuff to make your gingerbread house pretty.

Holiday Arcade
with lots of Holiday related games like decorate a Christmas tree and build a snowman.

Decorate Gingerbread Man
Or decorate a gingerbread girl or a tree. When you're finished you can send your cookie as a Christmas card.

Trim the Tree! Internet Explorer
Drag the decorations onto the tree to make it beautiful.

Twelve Days of Christmas Recommended
Make a brand new (and strange) version of the song.

Xmas Room Maker
Make an elegant Christmas room with trees, decorations and guests.

Supe up Santa's sleigh
Help Santa make his sleigh go faster.

Trim a Jan Brett Christmas Tree Internet Explorer
Design your own tree with twinkling stars and the ornaments, presents, and Merry Christmas text onto and under the tree.

Blackdog's Christmas Tree Java Applet
At BlackDog's there are lots of decorations scattered around living room waiting to be put on the tree.

Xmas Tree Maker Internet Explorer
Decorate a christmas tree with animated lights, ornaments, gifts and even Santas.

A Kid's Heart Christmas Games
Build a snowman, decorate a tree and other games.

I also have a page with Christmas Dress Up Games only, which is posted on the front page in November!

Valentine's Day Games

My Love Couple Dollmaker NEW!
Design a couple in love!

VDay Doll Maker
Lots of pink and red outfit, build a perfect doll for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's 2007 by i-dressup Recommended
Get the girl ready for ther big Valentine's day date!

Disney Valentine's Day Card Creator
Design a Valentine's card with Raven, Hannah Montana and all your favorite people.

Animated Valentines Recommended
Aww, that is so sweet! Dress Peter Rabbit for the big date or Mrs. Rabbit for her wedding date!

Valentines Deco Maker
Make a romantic Valentine's Day graphic for a loved one.

Loving Site
Two versions of romantic scenes, make a wedding or a date.

Valentine's Day Dressup
Hip fashion for Valentine's Day.

Mix & Match Valentine's Game
Click on the letter buttons to dress the bear for Valentine's Day.

I also have a page only for Valentine's Day dress up games. It is posted on the front page before and during Valentine's Day.


Winter Dress Up Games - build snowmen, dress-up for winter and play in the snow in the warmth and comfort of your home

Create Your Own Snowflake Recommended
Make a snowflake and e-mail it to friends.

Build-a-Snowbear Recommended
Part bear, part snowman, all cute!

Build a South Florida Snowman Recommended
If you hit the right theme, your snowman will come to life.

Snow Vacation Internet Explorer
Create a wintery snow scene with snowmen and skiers.

Doll Palace Winter Maker Recommended
A winter dollmaker with plenty of props and features.

Build a Snowman Java Applet
Drag the clothes and props to dress up the snowman. The "warm day" feature sounds interesting but unfortunately doesn't work.

Snowman 4000 Construction Kit
Drag the pieces to build your own snowman.

Build a Snowman! Internet Explorer
Build a jolly snowman.

Polar Express Build a Snowman
Click on "Visit the boy's house" to find it.

Snowman Builder Recommended
Build a snowman, then send as an e-card.

Crayola Snowman Builder
Build a really weird snowman...

Ben & Jerry's Virtual Snowman
Dress the cute snowman.

Make-a-Flake Recommended
Make your own snowflake.

Virtual Snowman Recommended
With lots of stuff to build with.

Dress Up the Snowman
Nice and cheerful.

This snowman has lots of clothes, but they don't fit very well.

I also have a page with build snowmen games only. It is posted on the front page during the winter months.


Saint Patrick's Day Games

Irish Lass Dress Up Game
Dress the lovely lass in traditional green garments.

Leprechaun Fun Java Applet
Dress this happy looking Leprechaun.

St. Patrick's Day Dress-up Angels
Dress the two angels in green for St. Patrick's Day.

Recommended = recommended websites.
Internet Explorer = only works in Internet Explorer.
Requires registration = requires registration.

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