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Doll Makers 2

Mini Kao Kingdom
Build yourself a kao ani, cute little blob creatures!

Petcare's Dollmaker Internet Explorer
A cute dollmaker with boys and girls - scroll down the page to find it.

Madame Malkin's Candymaker Recommended
A very nice candy dollmaker with lots of Harry Potter options!

Purrfection Hello Kitty Maker Internet Explorer
A tiny but sweet Hello Kitty maker.

Hannah Dollmaker
Dress cute little Hannah, you'll find pets and more stuff under "extras".

My Little Doll Maker

A click 'n change dollmaker where you can change the body color to anything you like.

Sweet Dollies
Build a sweet doll, just for fun or to use as an avatar.

My Space Doll Requires registration
Make a doll for you My Space profile, male and female versions available.

Kath's Corner Recommended Internet Explorer
The dolls are quite big which makes them easy to play with. Wardrobe is very mix & match, everything goes really well together.

Sugary Sweet
Two sweet dollmakers, also other original graphic makers.

Smiley Helper Makers
Several small but cute and unusal makers.

Fashion Doll
Design fashionable dolls on various backgrounds. This is a very big one!

DollznStuff Astra Dollmaker Recommended Internet Explorer
Small but oh so cute! Nice selection of different faces.

Gothic Doll Maker Recommended
Build and dress a dark, gothic, doll.

Dressup Me
A large dollmaker with lots of backgrounds to build your doll on.

Miaka's Dolls Recommended Internet Explorer
Two very good dollmakers with lots of mix & match clothing. Find under "Visitor".

Petit Dressup Internet Explorer
Build small but cute lilliput dolls. Bunny Maker
Makes pretty little bunnies, pet people optional!

Pirates Doll Maker Recommended
Ahoy matey! Pirate clothes and pretty gowns.

Dollzmaniacs Recommended
Three very sweet original dollmakers and pretty facemaker.

BrattyPants' Easy Doll Dollmaker Internet Explorer
Who can resist their infectious grin?

Julie's Dolls Recommended Internet Explorer
Two excellent dollmakers, Buzz with tiny little clothes and Kath, a bigger fashion doll.

Camilla Nimue's Cartoony Maker
Dress up the cute Bratz look-a-like dolls.

Doll on the Hill Recommended Internet Explorer
Find under "Bases". Witch and Harry Potter dollmakers.

Paragon's Dollz Recommended
Of the two sweet dollmakers, Pickle maker is my favorite.

FrankenDoll Recommended
A dollmaker with altered candybar dolls. The black and white graphics give this one a gothic look!

Loligoth - Gotchic Lolita
A small gothic dollmaker with a touch of fantasy.
The two dollmakers are small but the click & change feature is fun and interesting!

City Dollz
Build a guy or a girl with a city skyline background.

Misato's Meegi Dollmaker Recommended
The Meegi dollmaker is very mix & match and the many faces makes it fun to play with.

Peachmaker Recommended
Like the Meegi maker listed above the clothes all match each other and the many facial expression are fun.

Emo and Punk Avatar Maker Recommended
Included guitars and mike stands, so why not make a band?

SoupFaerie Bunny Maker Internet Explorer
The Bunny Maker is small but lovable.

eLouai's Candybar Doll Maker Recommended
A huge dollmaker with endless pieces, features and saving options.

Cool Maker
A nice click & change unique/prep dollmaker.

Kid Dollmaker! Recommended
Dress the cute little boys and girls.

Sabrina's Candydolls
A large candybar dollmaker.

Artemis Dolls
A few broken images but well worth a visit.

a lil' doll Internet Explorer
The lil' dolls are cute but the page takes very long to load.

Recommended = recommended websites.
Internet Explorer = only works in Internet Explorer.
Requires registration = requires registration.


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