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rooms and houses

Bitmap Dorm Recommended NEW!
Help the girls design and decorate their dorm house with plenty of furniture and accessories.

Sugary Sweet Room Maker NEW!
Build your dream bedroom in adorable pastel colors.

Dollie Garden Recommended
Don't let the name fool you, you can even create a small village with this one!

Dan Ho Spruce up the Place
This game is far too hurried and stressful for me (I got 9 out of 100) but for those of you who like to compete with time, it's perfect!

Pink Romantic MiniRoom Maker Internet Explorer
Pink romantic furniture in a pink romantic house!

eLouai's City Creator Recommended
Test your urban planning skills and design and build your own city!

Doll House Maker
Several room makers with few but cute furniture and other items.

Boys & Girls Room Maker
A large room maker with the furniture and decorations divided into girls and boys categories.

Tiny Village Maker Internet Explorer
Make a cute, little village with houses, castles, cars and tiny people.

Tate Kids Imaginary City
Build a fantasy city with pieces based on works of art.

BBC Virtual Garden
Design your garden without even breaking into a sweat.

Kitchen Maker Internet Explorer
Design a kitchen with plenty of furniture, decorative items and food.

Virtual Village
Build a virtual old fashioned English village.

eLouai's RPG maker Recommended
Build a room based on various Role Playing Games.

Design Your Own School Recommended
Go crazy, but remember the budget! From the Channel 4 show, The Unteachables.

Decorator Maker
Practice your skills at being a home decorator.

Hompy Room Maker
A room maker with adorable animated cartoons.

Design Your Own Treehouse
Build your own pretty treehouse, start with picking the right tree.

Magic Castle Maker
Build a magic castle, right out of Arabian Nights!

Bathroom Maker Internet Explorer
Try your hands at designing your dream bathroom.

Teddy Bear Room Maker Recommended
Build a room for the cute Teddy Bears. The menu is drag-able and very easy to use!

A Room in Time
Decorate a room for your favorite character from the My America book series and test your historical knowledge.

Sims 2 Glamorous Life Stuff Recommended
Create a room with all the cool stuff from the new Sims 2 game.

Geffrye Museuem Design a Garden
Design gardens from different periods in time.

IKEA Style Lab Recommended
Mix and match to make a bedroom, using IKEA products. Cool!

Architect Studio 3D Recommended
Design a house with help from famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Lots of very detailed features.

Animated Maker
A room maker with lots of animated backgrounds, accessories and people.

eLouai's Build Your Home Recommended
A very nice house building game, you can save your creations and e-mail to your friends.

Doll House Internet Explorer
Four rooms and plenty of furniture for each of them.

Jr Naver Decoration Games
Huge collection of room and house design games, also makeover games.

eLouai's OneClick RoomMaker Recommended
A new version of eLouai's room-maker with plenty of stuff and lots of fancy features.

Bratz : Rockin' Room Makeover
Decorate a room with Bratz products.

Sims 2 Family Fun Stuff
Create a room and choose Sims to live in it. Made with items from the Sims 2 Family Fun Stuff expansion.

Mini Hompy
Several small room creators.

The Girls Room Recommended
A large room-maker with lots of backgrounds. The furniture comes in styles like Mickey Mouse and Bunny!

Dolls World
Lots of houses where everything is a mess and a tidy-up is desperately needed.

Gushers Re-Do Your Room Requires registration Recommended
Register a room at this virtual hotel, design your room and invite your friends over.

I-Dressup Room Decor Recommended
Plenty of nice rooms to furnish and decorate.

KidZone Dollhouse
A three bedroom dollhouse with real looking pieces.

Studio 2B Decorate Your Room
Decorate four rooms. Room types available are girl's room, boy's room, a lounge and bathroom.

Geffrye Museum Design a Room Recommended
Design rooms from three periods in time, Tudor, Victorian and today!

17 Decorator
Answer a quiz and design your perfect room (I got Mod).

Mini Room Maker
Decorate a room and choose cute little kids to live in it.

Princess Room Internet Explorer
Decorate a room fit for royalty.

Elegant Room Maker
Design a very elegant room with crystal chandeliers and marble statues.

Mini Dolls House Recommended
Decorate a fashion studio, pet shop, hospital and regular homes.

A city creator and a skyline creator, small but charming.

eLouia Doll House Recommended
Lots of different parts. Very cute!

Azurae Dream Home Makers Recommended
Very pretty and very large home and room makers!

DollzBliss Rooms
Make corner angle or regular rooms, plenty of color coordinated props.

Room Makeover Recommended
With several different styles of furniture and accessories.

Arcade Maker
Arrange the machines and games to make an arcade room.

Diva House Internet Explorer
Play personal decorator to the glamorous divas.

Luxury Bath
Luxurious indeed, with a golden Jacuzzi and lots of fancy decorations.

Trading Spaces - Boys vs. Girls Room Maker
Choose between two types of rooms to build your dream room, lots of wacky furniture and decoration choices.

Nesquik Tree house Builder
Help Quik the energetic Nesquik bunny to build a cool tree house.

Trading Spaces - Boys vs. Girls Java Applet
Build a boys or girls bedroom of your dreams.

Animal House Internet Explorer
Decorate a house where everything looks like animals.

Merge It Recommended
Merge two clashing decorating styles, not always easy. From on a TV show on Lifetime.

Princess Room Designer Recommended
Pink and delightful, design a perfect room for a princess.

Fruity House Maker Internet Explorer
Decorate a room with fruity furniture!

Mini School Maker
Furnish and decorate a classroom. Complete with chatty students!

Knock First Room Builder
Build your own room, just like the contestants on the ABC Family TV series.

Animation Grove Dollhouse
Pick a room you'd like to decorate and start playing!

A Room in Time Recommended
Can you tell which furniture belong to which time period?

Decorate Phebe's Room Recommended
Play interior designer with Phebe. Lovely graphics.

Tracy Beaker Dream Room
Choose between some outrageous decorating themes to decorate Tracy's bedroom.

Revamp Your Room
Choose and color the right furniture for your room. A trial "sneak peek" demo.

Huggies Virtual Room Creator
Create a floor plan for a perfect baby's room or decorate a ready-made room.

City Creator Recommended
Build your own city with plenty of houses, streets and people - great fun!

Hair Salon Maker Recommended
Design a beauty salon and spa with chatty customers and plenty of bits and pieces.

Kiki's Dream Room Designer Recommended
A very nice room designer with different themes and a handy rotating feature for the pieces.

Babies Room Internet Explorer
Build a sweet bedroom for the adorable babies.

Catstuff Cat Room Java Applet
Create the ideal living room for cats and cat lovers.

Polly Pocket : Beautiful Bedroom Recommended
Help Polly Pocket decorate her beautiful bedroom.

Molly's Fun House
Time to help Molly move in - click and drag the furniture where you want it.

Belville Doll's House Recommended
Decorate this dollhouse with furniture, kitchen stuff and a family (with a dog).

M-city Constructor Recommended
A neat black and white city maker with houses, streets, and people (and monsters?)

Fashion Shop Internet Explorer
A fashion boutique with scenes, furniture and eager shoppers.

Hello Kitty Room
Choose doors, windows and furniture for Kitty's room.

Mini Mall Maker
Create a store at the mall with counters, shelves, signs and, or course, customers.

Mystics Designer Room Drag'n Drop
A cartoon doll room maker.

Dollz by Vettles Wedding Dollmaker are now in formal dress up games.

Recommended = recommended websites.
Internet Explorer = only works in Internet Explorer.
Requires registration = requires registration.

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