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cats & dogs

Catstuff Cat Room Java Applet
Create the perfect home for cats and cat lovers.

Animal Planet Mutt Maker Recommended
Mix and match dog parts to create your own weird dog breed, then dress him up!

Puppuy and Kitty Dress Up
Cheerful cats and dogs with a large, colorful, wardrobes!

Mimi Dressup
Dress up Mimi, the pretty golden retriever, in lots of outfits.

Dress Me!
Not a lot of dresses - but she is pretty and purrs when you pet her

Coconut & Licorice Dress and print Recommended

Dress the adorable duo and all their friends. A good choice of scenes and objects

Dress My Pug!Internet Explorer
Poor Jack is desperate to change his look.

Dressed Shinning Leo Recommended
A playful cat dress-up with lots of clothes and other items!

Dress the Kitty Recommended
Really nice kitty dress-up with lots of character. Cute!

Sims 2 Create a Pet
Make a pet dog or cat companion for the Sims!

Dress Akamaru
Dress this friendly dog in cool costumes.

Dress Up Bergamot and Emrys Recommended
Dress the two cute Boston terriers in various costumes.

Zippy Paper Doll Recommended
Zippy is a showcase corgi with plenty of wacky costumes, you can also pet him.

Bratz Petz Corner Recommended
Click on the wardrobe to dress a cute dog or a cat.

Dress the Kitty
Doll up the cute kitty!

Career Dog Grande
Which job fits Grande the dog?

Dress Up LuLu
Dress up LuLu the bling bling bichon frise.

Dress Marty Recommended
Dress Marty the dog in french fashion and send your creation to your friends.

Dress Up Poco!
Poco is a friendly Chihuahua who likes to dress up.

Kitty Maker
Accessorize the tiny kittens! From Dragonrust.

Mr. Poodle Head Internet Explorer
Go ahead and make him look silly - poodles love attention!

Victorian Cats Java Applet Recommended
Here they are at the beach, you can also play dress up with just the boy, just the girl, or at a tea party.

Dress Up Your Pooch Recommended
Adorable doggy fashion game from Animal Planet.

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Intenet Explorer = only works in Internet Explorer.
Requires registration = requires registraion

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