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Doll Makers

Several groups of dollmakers, the ones under "Misplaced Makers" have originial props.

Rommie Recommended
Lots and lots of really cute dollmakers and roommakers. In Dutch and English. Recommended
A huge site with dollmakers in every category and with every theme you can imagine.

Twinset Girls Candy Makers
Nice candy makers, some of the pieces are original. Tanned, summer and winter themes.

Dazzling Divas Recommended
Lots of original dollmaker with lovely graphics.

Dollie Bliss
Nice dollmakers, most of them candy dolls. Check out the one with a Harry Potter theme.

Lunaii Dollmaker Recommended
A fantastic portrait dollmaker with lots of options!

Kokoro Reflections Recommended
Great male and female dollmakers. You can use the female one to build favorites like Sailor Moon and more!

Lethal Kiss
Plenty of dollmakers.

Priya's Paradise
Fifty dollmakers in various categories.

AngelKizz.Net PG
Most of the dollmakers here are fairly small but there are plenty of them with a good selection of different themes.

Manor El'Kendy Internet Explorer
Cute dollmakers with Candybar, NetMarble and other dolls. Some of them work in Firefox.

Unwanted Dolls Internet Explorer
Small dollmakers in many themes.

My Secret Dolls
Mostly traditional dollmakers but with a few original ones as well.

Darling Dolls Internet Explorer Recommended
Mostly candy and bratz dollmakers with nice, big, graphics.

Glamour Charm (formerly 944 Dollz)
Dollmakers are small, cute, and lots of them. Scroll down the left menu to find them.

The Dollhouse
Lots of dollmakers, very easy to find.

Cherry Splash
Dollmakers in several categories.

Tranga Lobie
Scroll down left column to find the nice dollmakers. PG
Numerous dollmakers in many clever themes.

Style Dollz Recommended
Likeable and easy to use layout with large dollmakers.
Fantasy scene makers as well as doll and room makers. If you like pretty gowns, this site is for you!

Only Dolls Internet Explorer
Lots of dollmakers, neatly organized. Find them in the right column. Internet Explorer
Scroll down to find plenty of dollmakers.

Baby Sling Cartoon Dollmakers Java Applet
Make pregnant dolls and/or dolls carrying baby slings. Interesting!

Thuggndiva'z Dollz
Well known site with plenty of different user-friendly dollmakers.

The Av and Doll Collection Recommended
Beautiful dollmakers, I especially liked making a Wanted Dead or Alive poster! Internet Explorer
Good size dollmakers in different categories.

Gurlpowerr! PG-13
They're called Easy Dollmakers and they really are! Easy to use and find, fast loading and fun.

Paka's Palace Recommended Internet Explorer
Plenty of sports related dollmakers as well as a few others rarely seen themes. Formerly listed as NFL Dollmkakers.

Dollz Bliss Recommended PG
One of the big ones, lots and lots of makers in every category under the sun.

Channa's DollzSite Internet Explorer
Lots of dishy dollmakers, in Dutch and English.

eLouai Recommended
eLouai's amazing dollmakers always look gorgeous and they are so easy to play with.

Mega Doll Maker Recommended
Two flash dollmakers, Cool Chick and Cool Dude. No drag & drop and everything can be colored. Recommended Internet Explorer
Only two dollmakers, but with hundreds of pieces! The double-click feature makes them very east to work with.

Doll Palace Recommended
Lots of pretty makers with an easy to use doll building system.

Solaria's Signature Dolls Recommended Internet Explorer
Lots of traditional dollmakers, also a good dollz and graphic resource.

Dollz Mania Recommended Internet Explorer
Established doll site with an emphasis on candy and prep dolls.

The Emerald Empress' Magic Maker Recommended
If you're into fantasy you'll love Emerald's whimsical magical makers. Very pretty.

Sisterhood Dollz
Pretty dollmakers and some unusual ones too.

Av Squad Internet Explorer
Three original facemakers and an equally cute dollmaker.

Recommended = recommended websites.
Internet Explorer = only works in Internet Explorer.
Requires registration = requires registion


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