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Teddy Bears

Not your typical dress up game, you have to dress the bear according to the weather. Click on "What's the weather?".

Dress the happy looking bear in various costumes. A Java Applet version here.

Build-a-Bearville Store Recommended
Awww, that is cute! Choose which type of bear you want to build and dress him or her!

Mother's Day Dress Up
Dress Mama Bear in her pretty clothes for Mother's Day.

St. Patrick's Day Bears

Help the little bears get ready for the St. Patrick's Day Celebration!

Bear and Co Dressup Internet Explorer
Dress Mr and Mrs Bear and their friends, the Mice.

Dress the Teddy Bear Game
You can also dress him up for his birthday, Valentine's Day and Halloween.

DollzBliss Bear Dollmaker
Dress the colorful teddy bears in fancy gowns and dresses.

Sarah Bear Plays Dress Up
Play dress-up with Sarah and decorate her dresser.

Little Bear's Dress-up Game
Little Bear and his friend Duck usually don't wear clothes so they really need your help!

Teddy Maker
Tiny but cute pastel teddies!

But first you have to finish a word puzzle!

Claire's Bear Recommended
Pick her clotes and make her dance!

The Berenstain Bears Dress Up
Help them get ready for their day out.

Birthday Bears
These little bears need help getting dressed for your birthday party.

Make a Bear
Pick your parts and build yourself a bear.

Teddy Bear (Drag'n Drop) Page
Drag and Dress the Teddy Bears, Andy and Amanda.

Recommended = recommended websites.
Internet Explorer = only works in Internet Explorer.
Requires registration = requires registration.

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