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A really nice makeover game with realistic graphics and details - a must visit!

Mary Kay Virtual Makeover
Choose a model and try different combinations of make-up.

Manicure Maker
Choose your favorite rings, bracelets and nail colors.

Mini Colour Range Game
Not your average makeover game but a guessing game with Bourjois nail enamel.

Hanna's Facemaker Recommended
Click to change make-up, hairstyle and hair color!

Rimmel Makeover Tool
Makeover one of the models or sign up to upload your own photo.

Interactive Makeup
Click the arrows to change her makeup, hairstyle, tattoos and piercing.

Your Face or Mine? Recommended
Create a celebrity, a friend or yourself. Requires registration
Select one of the models or upload your own picture.

Virtual Hair stylist
A demo game with a few hairstyles and hair colors.

Sweet Streets Beauty Salon Recommended
Change your model's hairstyle, eyes, lips, or accessories by clicking on its box.

Makover-o-Matic Recommended
With a variety of models or upload your own photo. Includes make-up, hairstyles, glasses and head wear.

Celeste in the City
Build a face that resembles your own and give yourself a makeover.

Jr Naver Makeover Games
Huge collection of makeover, room and house design games.

Beauty Studio
Choose one of the four MyScene friends and start the makeover.

Ardene Makeover Recommended
Pick a model and try out many different hair and makeup styles.

Fashion Girls Makeup Games
Make up and accessorize the five girls.

2 Cool Fashion Makeover
Fix her make up, do her nails and choose jewelry. Find it under "Games".

Charmed Makeover
Give Charmed actress Alyssa Milano a brand new look.

I-Dressup Makeovers Recommended
Nice makeover games, some influenced by the anime drawing style.

Backstage Make 'em Up
Give the presenters of this BBC show a brand new and, in some cases, silly look.

Lollipop Portrait Maker Recommended
A portrait facemaker with excellent graphics.

Polly Pocket Hair Stylin' Salon Recommended
Help Polly pick the right hairdo.

Make-up Room
click to change her hairstyle, drag and drop everything else. Pretty!

Shadow Salon
Practice applying eye shadow online.

Make Up Sky Breeze Recommended
Give Sky Breeze and Kellie a makeover.

Clikits Stylin' Studio Requires registration
Create a new look for the Clikits girls, Heart, Daisy and Star.

Barbie Superstar Makeover Recommended
Practice being a stylist and give Barbie a whole new look!

Shimmer Station
A virtual boutique from ELLEgirl magazine.

Recommended = recommended websites.
Internet Explorer = only works in Internet Explorer.
Requires registration = requires registration.

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link go to i relly like it!!