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Princess and Henry Dress-up Games Recommended
Play dress-up with Princess and Henry. Seven fun games.

Blue Peter Comic Creator
It's a comic strip creator but it starts with designing you own characters for it!

What's a boogerling? Build one and find out!

Jenny B. Harris Fun Stuff is now in cute dress up games.

Dress Grover
Click on Sesame Street's Grover to dress him up in strange clothes!

Suit 'em Up!

Help Hemorrhage Hank get geared up for inline skating, snow boarding or cycling.

Speckle Games
Two fun games, "Dress for the Weather" and a sweet "Bunny Maker".

Disney Dance Studio
Create a pop star and direct your own music video!

Build Your Own Bod
Build bubbly, bubblegum people.

Dress up Dolls Internet Explorer
Dress the sweet boy and girl dolls and arrange the toys.

PBS Kids Build a ...
Build a snowman, scarecrow or a bookworm.

That's so Raven Tee maker has been moved under movies & TV games.

Coaster Creatures
Make a strange roller coaster creature! Prints out as a mask.

Monkey POW!! is now in cute dress up games.

UpToTen Dressing Up Recommended
Simple, cute, and fun dress up games for the little ones.

Radacadabra Wardrobe Internet Explorer
Get the ballet dancers into their costume before going on stage.

Build a Scarecrow Recommended
Help the farmer build a scarecrow to keep the crows away!

Bananas in Pyjamas Mix and Match
Click on their heads, tummies and legs to mix and match their outfits.

Xpress Yourself is now in cute dress up games.

Muffy's Wardrobe Recommended
Choose an activity for Muffy and then dress her in the correct outfit.

Back to School Product People Recommended
Build a cute character out of pens, erasers, and other school products. Clever!

Girl Scout Paper dolls
Four Scout virtual paper dolls, Daisy, Junior and two versions of Brownies.

Makeover A Teacher Recommended
Give the teachers a sorely needed makeover! Scroll down the page to find this fun game.

Habille la FD6
Choose one of the six characters to dress - in french.

Cyberchase Disguise Combos
Your job is to figure out how many different disguises each kid can make.

KidZone Paper Dolls
Four girls and four boys, also available as printable paper dolls.

Hoota and Snoz Dressup Recommended
Weird looking fellow from an Australian cartoon. My favorite feature is being able to rotate parts of his body.

Crayola Switcheroo Creature Creator
Create a creture or click on "Bonk!" to get one ready-made.

Alzira and friends! Recommended
Four fun games featuring Alzira, a glow worm, a witch and a Vampire Granny.

DigSig Zapper
Mix & match bodyparts in this animated and lively game.

Pool Playground Dress Up
Dress up Charlie the Pool Cleaner (the equipment, not the man). Find under "Interactive Cove".

Dress the Zinglers
Dress the weird and colorful characters. Find under "Fun Stuff".

She's Got the Look
Click to scroll through her wacky wardrobe.

The Toy Box
Many fun games for kids to play, including quite a few dress-up games.

Kaki Doll Land
Two dolls, a fairy and a stick figure like doll.

Create Your Own Hero Java Applet
Design a super hero by combining various costume parts.

Where's Your Pants?
Pick a boy or girl firefighter and choose the correct uniform.

Make Your Own Aquapet
Create your own aquapet to live on your desktop.

CBeebies Dressing Up Box Recommended
Eight kids to dress up, lots of options!

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