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Dress the Roman Legionary soldier
Get him ready for battle, but do it in the right order!

Emperor's New Suit Recommended
We all know how the fairy tale went, but here's your change to really dress the emperor!

All dressed up Recommended
British fashion from 1930s, 1950s and 1970s, courtesy of Museum of London. This is a really good one!

What's Your Dark Ages Character?
Select one of four types and dress him or her up. You can also upload your own photo!

Victorians Dress the Doll
Dress Florie the Victorian doll. In the right order or she won't let you!

Fun With Fashion Paper Dolls

Interesting 1920s and 1930s virtual paper dolls. Dress the whole family.

Boogie Nights Recommended
Explore the styles and sounds of the sixties. Nice!

Dress a Roman Java Applet
Dress the mean looking gladiator.

Make or Spend?
An important decision to make during the Second World War when clothes were rationed.

Hysterical History
Invite famous people from the past to your party - click on their clothes to change them.

The Art and Fashion of Elsa Schaparelli
Dress the model in clothes designed by this famous 1920s and 30s fashion designer.

Native American Virtual Paper Doll Internet Explorer
Indian girl from southern New England - late 17th century clothing.

Traditional Costume Game
Not really a dress-up game, the challenge here is to match each traditional costume to a country.

Hippie Doll Maker
Make a doll wearing 70's hippie fashion.

Eighteenth-Century Clothing Recommended
Dress the part in colonial Williamsburg and and and an 18th century paperdoll.

Dress the Knight in Armour
By children's books writer and artist Mark Burgess.

World Fashion Dress
Dress the girls in their national costumes!

Rockin' Fashion Internet Explorer
Celebrating women rock singers from the 50's.

Minimus Dress Games Internet Explorer
Dress Flavius the gladiator for battle. Also Minimus the mouse and Vibrissa the cat.

Dress Up Doll with Age Control
Only has a few items of Victorian clothing but the interesting part is that you can vary the age of the doll (between 0 and 18 years) as well as dress and undress her. Use the white dot on the clothes to move them.

Bella Online Virtual Paper Dolls Internet Explorer
Play dress-up games to learn how people dress in various parts of the world.

Bibi Renaissance Dressup
Dress the dolls in beautiful renaissance clothes.

Killhope Dress Up Game
Try to figure out the correct period clothes for the miners and their wives.

DollzBliss Historical Dollmakers
Dress Geishas in colorful kimonos and build a colonial scene.

Dress the WASP
Women Air force Service Pilots of World War II - Get her ready to fly or parade in a march.

Dress the Chief
Get creative dressing the Scottish chief and friends.

Swan Lake Ballet Dress-up! Recommended
Dress Odette from the famous Swan Lake Ballet, a dream role for many aspiring ballerinas.

Victorian and Tudor Dress Up Recommended
You have to work out whether items of clothing belong to a Tudor or Victorian lady or gentleman.

Lucas Learning's Make-A-Hero
Meet and make some famous heroes and heroines from different cultures and times.

Alice Dressup Recommended
Who's to say Alice in Wonderland can't be trendy?

Princess Abella Recommended
Dress Princess Abella in period ball gowns and head dresses, clothing and hats from the 12th century to the early 20th century.

Dress the Dolls Recommended
A collection of paper dolls by Donald Hendricks featuring many literary and historical figures.

Madison Rabbit Wedding Dress-up (formerly Mrs. Peter Rabbit) is now in animals.

Vintage Barbie Paper Dolls Internet Explorer
Two vintage Barbie paper dolls, probably from the 1960's.

Dress Up Kim Recommended
Dress Kim, the heroine from Patricia C. Wrede's Regency-fantasy novels, Mairelon the Magician and Magician's Ward.

A Room in Time
Decorate a room for your favorite character from the My America book series and test your historical knowledge.

Virtual Samantha Paper Doll
Costumes from the 1960s TV show Bewitched. Also Tabitha, the Bewitched baby.

Garment District Digital Dolls
Dress the dolls in their 60's fashion style clothes.

That'll Team' Em!
Pick the correct British school uniform for the 50's or for today. Scroll down to the bottom.

The American Girl Paper Dolls Recommended
Can you guess which outfit belongs to which American Girl?

Dress Me Up - Interactive History
Help the colonist get dressed - what was the style in 1628?

What Would Frida Wear?
Artist Frida Kahlo liked to wear native clothing from many regions in Mexico.

Dress David
Find it under "Work Portfolio/Flash Games".

Gladiator : Dressed to Kill
Equip three gladiators to fight in the Roman area of death. Difficult!

The Costume drama Game
Find it under "Just for fun". Clothes from 1790 to 1930.

Mr. Picassohead Recommended
A big enthusiastic Wow!

Angelina Ballerina is now in cartoons.

Dolly Dingle and Billie Bumps Paper Dolls
OK, this is barely a dress up game but the sheer cuteness makes this a must visit.

Tinker Bell Dressup is now in cartoons.

Create a Hogwarts Student
Design your own Hogwarts student, male or female. Based on the Harry Potter books.

Harry Potter Magical Creature Creator
Make your own magical creature.

Dress up a dancer
Dress the ballerina in ballet costumes.

Knight in Armour
Dress the knight correctly in his armour, when you're done see if you know the names of all the pieces!

Recommended = recommended websites.
Internet Explorer = only works in Internet Explorer.
Requires registration = requires registration.

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