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Fairy by I-Dressup Recommended
Simply stunning with beaufiful details! Also another fairy with music.

Fairy Paper dolls Recommended
Dark, gothic paper dolls to play with on the net or to print out and play with offline. Very fine!

Dress the Boogeyman
Dress this odd looking boogeyman!

Dress Fairy Freya Recommended
Change her hair color and style, mix and match tops, skirts and shoes.

Mythical Creatures Recommended
Can you pick the correct parts to make five mythical creatures?

My Little Pixie Internet Explorer
A fantasy scene creator with fairies, unicorns and other magical creatures.

Flash Bunny Fashion of the Future Recommended
Drag the clothing capsules to dress the always fashionable Flash Bunny in space.

Birthday Dress-up Angel
Dress the cute little angel for a birthday party.

Flash Bunny Genie Princess Recommended
Dress the bunny in super cute genie princess costumes!

Angels Dollmaker Recommended
Build a pretty angel doll, lots of hairstyles and accessories.

Instant Voodoo Recommended
Not technically a dress-up game but who can resist playing with this voodoo doll?

Voodoo Doll Java Applet
Another voodoo doll for you to play with.

Prima Angel Dressup
Dress the cheerful angels in their bright, colorful clothes.

Make Your Own Alien! Java Applet
Is there life on other planets? Why not create your own, weird alien.

Fairy Dollmaker
Build fairy dolls with pretty wings, lots of clothes and accessories.

Lecky goes Outdoors
Help Lecky the green alien to dress for the weather.

Mermaids of the Caribbean Dollmaker Recommended
A mermaid dollmaker with a pirate twist, nice!

Urban Dollz Fantasy Dollmakers Recommended
The pretty Mermaid Sea World Dollmaker is a must visit for mermaid fans!

Rock Hard Fairies Fashion Selector
Click on Fashion Selector to dress the fairy with rock 'n roll attitude. One game is free but you must register for the others.

Animated Tall Tales - Paul Bunyan Recommended
Dress the giant lumberjack in some unusual costumes.

Make a Sparkle Fairy
Dress the lovely little fairy in her sparkly clothes.

Dragon Drop Land Recommended
Create your own fantasy worlds with unicorns, fairies, demons and lots of other creatures.

Dragon Scene Maker
Create a scene with fire spewing dragons flapping their wings around!

Mermaid World Internet Explorer
Build a beautiful fantasy sea with mermaids and other sea dwelling critters.

DollzBliss Fantasy Dollmakers
Make lovely fairies and angels.

Dress the Alien
Man in black? Santa? It's your choice.

Create a Goddess Recommended
Use parts of different goddesses to make a beautiful new one.

Make Your Own Monster
The monsters on my TV never look this cute...

Recommended = recommended websites.
Internet Explorer = only works in Internet Explorer.
Requires registration = requires registration

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